Birds Unlimited


 Hundreds of 'em. A forty foot wall of toys, everything for the budgie to the destructive Macaws & Cockatoos. We have some huge toys. You won't find a better selection anywhere in Western or Central New York. Toys by  Pet Terrific, The Leather Elves, Jungle Toys, Kings Cages, A&E, Paradise, Playpens, Java wood T- Stands, regularly a dozen or more to choose from. Lots of toys, and I mean lots, just in 6/1/24, new ones and old favorites. The wall is full again. We've got a lot of stinkin' toys here. Just about every six weeks or so a large order comes in.

 If you're looking for a free standing play stand we have a great selection of java in many sizes, some table top ones too. Nice stuff.

New toy making  / parts department just in too.

New Shipment toys, lots just in 6/1/24, Lots of big stuff, for big birds New Java stands in 2/29