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Monday - Friday 11 to 7
Saturday - 10 to 5
Sunday - closed

* indicates that it's still being hand fed

Birds are unsexed unless otherwise noted

Pictures may or may not be of the actual birds available.


This page was last updated Saturday

July 13, 2024


Just in, Gouldian Finches, Green Cheeked Conures, Sun Conure, Parrotlets, Albino & Blue Quakers, Half Moons, ...
No African Greys at the moment 

It is kept current.
We update it every day. If you don't see it on here, we don't have it. If it's on here, it's still here. Honestly.

Breeding Season

Breeding season for birds is winding up. The below list changes regularly, check often.

 If you'd like pricing on any of these birds, just call it's easier than email. Thanks

We do not sell unweaned babies as there is too much of a risk involved with handfeeding, any responsible bird store won't sell unweaned birds, please don't ask.

Severe Macaw, nice, talks, on hold

Yellow Naped Amazon, just weaned, talking

 2 Cinnamon Red Fronted Kakarikis, just weaned

1 Alexandrine Ringneck, just weaned

1 Violet Indian Ringneck*

1 Albino Indian Ringneck, locally raised

Albino and Blue Quakers*, just in 6/17

5 Green Quakers*, just in 6/12, locally raised


1 Sun Conure* very young,  pic of actual baby soon

 1 Nanday Conure*, 

Half Moon Conures*, 1 DNA'd Male, just in 6/17

 1 Dusky Conure, nice

Crimson Bellied Conures*, just in 6/4. Stunning as adults

2 Black Capped Conures

Green Cheeked* Babies just in 6/28

1 Sun Cheek Conure, very nice

Turquoise Green Cheeked Conure

Cockatiels* lots various colors, more in 6/21

Parrotlets, Males and Females, yellows. More babies just in 6/22

Rosey Bourke's Parakeets*, just in 5/31

Gouldian Finches, just in 7/1, all Males, very nice

Parakeets, babies just in 4/27

Peach Faced Love Birds*, just in 6/10, locally raised

Lutino Fischer's Love Birds, Pied, normal Peach Faced Love Birds, just weaned

Black Masked Love Birds

Canaries, cinnamons, variegated, yellows, lots just in 6/10