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Monday - Friday 11 to 8
Saturday - 10 to 5
Sunday - closed

* indicates that it's still being hand fed

Birds are unsexed unless otherwise noted

Pictures may or may not be of the actual birds available.


Last updated Wednesday September 17, 2014, really, this is current, I do it every day.

Breeding Season

Breeding season got off to a late start this year. Babies are finally making it in here. Check back often as things change regularly. If you'd like pricing on any of these birds, just call it's easier than email. Thanks

The Greatest Selection of Birds under one roof in Western & Central New York. Located just East of Rochester overlooking beautiful Irondequoit Bay.
We do not sell unweaned babies as there is too much of a risk involved with handfeeding, please don't ask.
Hand Fed Babies
Just in 8/19, 1 Red Fronted Macaw, 1 Sun Conure. Just in 8/16, lots of canaries. Just in 8/21, 1 Blue & Gold Macaw, 1 Severe Macaw, 1 Swainsons Lory, 1 Webers Lory, 1 Orange Sun Conure (nice)
1 Blue Throated Macaw*

Blue Throated info

1 Red Fronted Macaw*, just in 8/19. One of my favorite macaws, the smallest of the large macaws

Red Fronted info

1 Severe Macaw* nice medium size macaw, the largest of the mini macaws

Severe info

1 Rose Breasted Cockatoo, born on St Patty's day, nice, one of the better talking cockatoos, not too big, not too clingy

Rose Breast info

1 Rainbow Lory*, colorful, fun, may speak a bit, great size

Rainbow info
1 Weber's Lory*, just in 8/21, the first one I've had

Weber's info
5 White Bellied Caiques, just weaned, high energy, fun birds

caique info

2 Black Headed Caiques, just weaned

Caique info

 1 Blue Quaker, usually good talkers, usually loud

Quaker info

4 Quaker Parrots, Greens, just weaned, good talkers, nice & loud too

Quaker info

2 Rosey Bourke's Parakeets, just weaned, great kids bird, gentle, quiet, and they're pink too!

Bourke's info
2 Love Birds, Fischer's mutations, just weaned

Love bird info




English Budgies, locally raised, very gentle but not hand fed, more in 9/2, a few Parakeets too



Budgie info

1 Sun Conure*, just in 8/21. orange mutation, nice

Sun info
1 Crimson Bellied Conure, just weaned, first  we've had, getting its' crimson belly too, nice.

Crimson Belly info




4 Green Cheeked Conures, Pineapple, Cinnamon, and normals, a great step up from a cockatiel



Green Cheeked info

lots female Canary, 4 males, Zebras Finches

Canary info
5 Diamond Doves, 3 males and two too young to tell.