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Monday - Friday 11 to 8
Saturday - 10 to 5
Sunday - closed

* indicates that it's still being hand fed

Birds are unsexed unless otherwise noted

Pictures may or may not be of the actual birds available.



Last updated Saturday July 23, 2016, really, this is current, we do it every day.

THANKS to all of you who have helped us make it through our 25 years in business.
Just in 7/14, Green & Blue Quakers, 2 Pied Kakarikis, 6/29, 4 Peach Faced Love Birds

Breeding Season

Breeding season is upon us, some babies come in just about every week. The below list changes almost daily, check regularly.

 If you'd like pricing on any of these birds, just call it's easier than email. Thanks
The Greatest Selection of Birds under one roof in Western & Central New York. Located just East of Rochester overlooking beautiful Irondequoit Bay.
We do not sell unweaned babies as there is too much of a risk involved with handfeeding, please don't ask.

1 Blue & Gold macaw* just in 7/20

2 Blue Fronted Amazons* just in 6/7, usually great talkers

Blue Front info

2 White Bellied Caiques*, these are some fun birds, lots of energy, batteries not included, just in 7/7

1 Alexandrine Parrots, just weaned, just in 6/7, usually good talkers, nice, female

Alexandrine info
1 White Indian Ringneck

Ringneck info

5 Quakers, Blue, Blue Pallid, Green, some just weaned and ready to go 4* more just in 7/14

Quaker info

2 Pied Kakarikis*, just in 7/14, a smallish, fun bird native to New Zealand, usually decent talkers

Kakariki info

3 Peach Faced Love Birds*, a couple of real nice pieds too, just in 6/29

2 Normal Bourkes Parakeets, just weaned

Bourkes info

2 Rosey Bourkes Parakeet, just weaned, great kids bird

Bourkes info

1 Crimson Bellied Conure, just weaned, DNA'd  female

Crimson info

2 Sun Conures, just weaned and ready to go, both females

Sun info

1 Half Moon Conure, just weaned, the last one we had is talking great

Half Moon info

1 Rose Fronted Conure, just weaned

Rose Front info

1 Black Capped Conure, just weaned

Black cap info

2 Pineapple Green Cheeked Conures, these two are some seriously good looking birds

2 Scarlet Chested Parakeets, 1 sexed female, 1 split to aqua just in 6/10

Scarlet Chested info
3 Opaline Red Rumped Parakeets. Never had these before.

Red rump info

Pacific Parrotlets, 1 Green female

Parrotlet info


Society Finches, I know the picture is of Zebras but I don't have a picture of the societies to use




Parakeets, just in 7/9, English Budgies, just in 6/21, locally raised, very gentle but not hand fed



Budgie info