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Directions to the Store :

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OK, here's a pet peeve of mine... someone calls for directions, I give them the details, turn here, get off here, go this far, etc. Then they'll say "could you give them to me again" or "how far was that", so I tell them. Then they'll say hmm, maybe I ought to write these down, can you give them to me one more time? Listen, if ya call for directions, have a pencil and a piece of paper ready! On with the directions.

If you want to come to Birds Unlimited, we'll get you here, hopefully this will provide you with an accurate description of getting you to our store. Now if you're coming from out of town you won't have to call, just print them out, hop in your car, gas up and go. Vroom.

GPS alert: If you're using a GPS device, it will send you to the condos down the road and on the opposite side than what we are on. Birds Unlimited is up the road about 300 yards on the other side.

From the East: (let's say you're in Syracuse, Albany, or Utica)

Take the NYS Thruway to exit 45,   (don't forget to leave a donation to New Yorks fine highways), keep going straight through onto 490 West, I'm not sure the distance bit it's about one long song on the radio, then you'll need to veer onto 590 North. Proceed about one short song's distance to exit 8, also known as Empire Blvd.  Careful there is regularly a State Trooper perched (pun intended) in the median between exits 7 & 8. Turn right so you're heading East and go 1.5 miles ( about 2 minutes or one really short song like they used to play back in the 60's) to my parking lot, we're on the right.

From the West: (Buffalo, Erie...)

During rush hour I'd advise not going through the city of Rochester, instead do this. Take the NYS Thruway to the Corning / Henrietta / 390 exit (exit #46). Go North on 390, you'll go a few miles and 390 will turn into 590 North, stay on this, until you get to exit 8, also known as Empire Blvd. There is regularly a State Trooper perched in the median between exits 7 & 8, you've been warned. Turn right onto Empire Blvd.  at the light (stop if it's red) and go 1.5 miles, about two minutes to 1421 Empire Blvd. my parking lot. How easy is this?

If you're not coming during rush hour take the NYS Thruway to the Leroy exit (exit #47) that puts you on 490 East, as you exit the city of Rochester turn North onto 590. You'll only need to go about one song (have a cd or your radio on) to exit 8 Empire Blvd. turn right, East and go 1.5 miles to my parking lot.

From the South: (Florida, Georgia...) Follow the above directions from 390 North to 590 North to exit 8, turn right...

From the North: Everything I said above just turn your map upside down, or if coming by boat go all the way to the South end of Irondequoit Bay and walk up the hill to my store.

Contact us:

Birds Unlimited
1421 Empire Blvd.
Webster, NY, 14580

Phone: 585.288.4457

Fax: 585.288.6455

Facebook messenger is the least desirable way to contact us
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1421 Empire Blvd.
Webster New York 14580