Birds Unlimited
New Stuff
updated 10/22/22

Most of the products you'll find in our store you won't find other places around town. From cages to toys to the things below. The big chains won't have them and neither will the farm and garden places. We take a lot of time to find good, safe products for you and your birds.

Keychains, just in and selling quick, lots to choose from. We can ship too.

Bird Stickers, lots of different species, waterproof too

Soak And Serve, Salad Singles from Flukers. Easy one serving meal.
Lafebers Tropical Fruit Pellets, 7 different sizes for Finches to Macaws. If your bird is picky about pellets, try these. They've been very popular.

M&M LED full spectrum lights.  Cheaper than internet pricing
Bird safe candles and wax melts. Lots of different fragrances too. Safe for your birds and safer for you too.

Caitec Oven Fresh Bites Cookies, eight new flavors

Higgins Worldly Cuisines, easy to cook 6 flavors. $2.98 each, birds love this stuff